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Since graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I’ve launched 3 businesses, alongside my own personal Instagram page to share fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content — even being named 2020 Style InfluenceHer of the Year. Currently, I reside in Charlotte, NC where I own Your Soulcialmate, helping influencers and brands monetize their platforms.

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How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm and Expand Your Reach in 2020

Charlotte, NC, USA

If there's ONE question that I get ALL 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 TIME 👏🏼, it's "How can I increase my reach?" 🤷🏻⁠ Having a larger reach literally means that you're REACHING a larger audience — whether they're followers or POTENTIAL followers. 🌈⁠

Today I'm sharing some REACH BASICS to help you optimize the reach and get your AWESOME posts to reach a LARGER audience 👯⁠

OPTIMIZE your bio. 
Use traffic-driving keywords. Make sure that you're straight to the point, show your personality, 🤩 AND are using words that may be searched by potential followers.⁠

⭐ Change your NAME (not handle) that's displayed above your bio. 
For example, mine says "retro style" so that when people search that term, I'll come up in their search results. 🌼⁠ If you're an affordable travel blogger, you may want include "affordable travel" in your name to come up in those search results.

⭐ Constantly CHANGE your hashtags. #️⃣ 
Also, make SURE that you're adding in some hashtags that are NOT as widely used that you can DOMINATE. 💪🏼⁠

⭐ Get major ENGAGEMENT. 👯 
To Instagram, the MORE engagement you receive right after your post goes LIVE, the more that means people VALUE that content 🤯 — so Instagram recognizes that and SHARES it with MORE people whether it be those who already follow you or on the Explore page where NEW followers can discover your page. 💖⁠

⭐ Post when your users are MOST active. 💻 
Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't provide you with TOO many options to find out this information, but I'm a HUGE fan of @latermedia, a planning app that displays IN-DEPTH insights and analytics that'll help you find out when your audience is ACTUALLY online. 💫⁠

⭐ Take advantage of Instagram's newest features.
With Reels just coming out, a fairly new "DM Me" sticker in Stories, and plenty of other new features rolling out all the time, 🌈 Instagram gives special treatment to those that are using the features first. Get on them — AND FAST.

⭐ Create video content & go LIVE.
Video content is the way of the future. You can choose to post on IGTV and have your content be found THERE because it's not as over-saturated as the home FEED ⚡ or you can even go on LIVE since your followers will get that notification and remember that they follow you even if they haven't seen your content on their feeds in a WHILE 💫

⭐ Use SEO on your images via the alt. text feature.
Did you know that you can change the SEO terms on your images (that will help you with being discovered more easily via search engines)? 🤯 To access your alt text options, advance to the screen right before you share your photo and click the "advanced settings" tab at the bottom. You'll find Alt. Text there, and you can enter any search terms you think are relevant!

⭐ Engage with the audience of similar influencers.
The best way to get new eyes on your page and expand that reach is to engage with people who you think will like your content. The best way to find those people? Through people with similar niches or feeds to YOURS! Find a friend who has a similar style to you, look through their comments, and show some love on those commenter's pages. Chances are they'll show that love back and maybe hit you with a follow! 

⭐ Provide your audience with VALUE.
Saves = engagement. Engagement = a higher reach. So, ideally, if you can get your followers who are seeing the post to SAVE your post, then you have a pretty good chance of seeing a higher reach. If you can provide your audience with VALUE — or something they'll want to remember — they may save the post. AND don't be afraid to straight up TELL people "don't forget to save this post"!

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