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Since graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I’ve launched 3 businesses, alongside my own personal Instagram page to share fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content — even being named 2020 Style InfluenceHer of the Year. Currently, I reside in Charlotte, NC where I own Your Soulcialmate, helping influencers and brands monetize their platforms.

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How to Spread Cheer This Holiday Season for $10 or Less

[ad] For those of you who don't know, this past April, Andrew and I made the big move from our hometown in Massachusetts to Charlotte, NC. We knew one person down here, but after visiting, the city really drew us in. It's truly one of the best decisions we've ever made. 

There are so many incredible things about moving to a new city (yes, even during a pandemic). We've been able to explore the city together and find all our new favorite places. We've had opportunities in our business that we wouldn't have had where we're from. We've met so many incredible friends too. 

As incredible as all of that is, of course, we still miss our friends and family back home. For me, I don't have a huge family, so it was easier for me to leave, but leaving Andrew's huge close-knit family was tough, and since we're a 12+ hour drive away, we don't make the trip often. One thing we've been trying to do more is send our friends and family back home physical cards. 

Of course, we could just send them a text or hop on FaceTime, but I think the surprise of getting an unexpected, handwritten card in the mail truly tells our family that we're thinking about them and miss them a ton! 

It's no secret that 2020 has been quite the tough year for everyone, so anything we can do to brighten the lives of our friends and family has not only strengthened our bond with them, but it's also made us feel good (and trust me, I'll take any excuse for positive, warm, and cozy feelings this year). 

With that being said, we got a ton of great cards at Hallmark that we'll be writing out and sending to friends and family this month. While we aren't able to physically be in-person celebrating the holiday season with our hometown folk, it's great that we're able to still send some cheer in the mail to them. Simply put, cards do more.

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