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Since graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, I’ve launched 3 businesses, alongside my own personal Instagram page to share fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content — even being named 2020 Style InfluenceHer of the Year. Currently, I reside in Charlotte, NC where I own Your Soulcialmate, helping influencers and brands monetize their platforms.

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The 5 Best Winter Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Somehow, without even noticing, I started to incorporate a few beauty products into my routine that are specifically helping me with all that the winter brings (hello, dryness!). From products that have helped to add more hydration to my skin or a hair care product that works to keep my hair from breaking, these few products have weaseled their way into my beauty routine, and I've found myself constantly grabbing for them over the past few weeks.

Of course, I knew I needed to share them with you here! Below, see some of my favorite winter beauty products that I seriously can't live without. I can't wait to see which come along with me into the spring!

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Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

I'll be the first to admit that in the winter, I get pastey AF. It's honestly insane how white I can get, lmao. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about having a little color in your complexion that adds an extra bit of confidence and happiness if you ask me!

To use, you pop a few drops into your moisturizer (I do it before bed!), and then apply the mixture to your skin. Make sure to bring it all the way into the hairline to avoid lines of demarcation! I also always put a tiny bit on my ears and neck to ensure that I'm even from neck up. 

What's really cool is that these self-tanning drops come in three different colors depending on your skin tone. Currently, I've been using the medium "Golden Glow" option, and it's been great.

Available for $29 at Sephora

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask

This is a product that just recently made its way into my routine, and I seriously am so happy it was invented because it's straight-up life-changing. I'm normally an oily-skinned gal, but in the winter I do tend to get a bit dehydrated and dry, so I love a little pump of extra hydration.

It's pretty sweet because you can use this as a mask or put a thin layer on and use it as an overnight mask, which is how I've been using it most. I plop it all over my complexion before bed about once a week and then wake up with GLOWING, hydrated skin. Plus, Drunk Elephant is always great about only including ethical and good-for-you ingredients instead of a bunch of crap that shouldn't be applied to your skin.

Available for $52 at Sephora

Olaplex Hydrating + Bonding Cocktail

Okay, so no, that's not the name of the product, but honestly, they should probably start selling the two together as a bundle and renaming it to this because WOW. As someone who (clearly) dyes their hair frequently, it's incredibly difficult to have your hair remain healthy — to the touch and to the eye. 

When I get out of the shower, I do a quick towel dry to get rid of any extra moisture/water from the shower. Then, I put a pea-size amount of the No. 6 treatment in my hand and add in a few drops of the Bonding Oil. Mix those two together and apply mostly to the ends, using whatever is left in my hands to run towards to the top of the hair (always staying away from the root unless you like looking oily, lmao). 

This combination has truly changed my hair more than you can imagine. I literally have NO breakage, NO split ends, and I also feel like it keeps my color looking shinier and healthier.

No. 6 available for $28 at Revolve
Bonding Oil available for $28 at Revolve

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Dry lips are such an issue for me — especially in the winter. Chances are if you've been with me in person, you've seen me slopping this balm all over my lips. I use this one during the day then at night, I usually pop on a bit of their Lip Sleeping Mask ($20) which is a literal life-saver. Between the two products, I almost never have to deal with dry, chapped lips.

Available for $17 at Sephora

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray

This is a product that I really use all four seasons in the year, but ESPECIALLY in the winter. I find myself spritzing my complexion just about every time I walk by it. If you're not a fan of rosewater, there are actually two other facial spray options in terms of ingredients from Mario Badescu that I've tried and also love (though I do love the Rosewater option the most!).

I usually spritz this on in the morning before I go to the gym after using micellar water on my face. Then, I come home, shower, and spritz it on again before moisturizing. Usually once throughout the day, I'll spray some on just for a little refresh, and then I do it once again before bed! PRO TIP: Keep this in the fridge in the summer, and it's the best way to cool off and hydrate all at once!

Available for $7 at Saks

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